Artist Statement
Karen Weiss

In my paintings I primarily use imaginary landscape and playful architectural forms
to comment on both personal and global issues. Color is a deep, resonant
language to me, and is significant in the creation of the work. I believe that part
of the purpose of art is to provide expression, not only for the artist, but for those
viewing or experiencing the art as well. Art can be a powerful catalyst to help us to
discover something about our own individual inner-workings.

Some of the work can be seen as beautiful and disturbing at the same time,
reflecting the dichotomies in our lives and the perseverance of the human spirit.
The messages of the paintings range from spiritual to humorous and ironic.

In the "Home" series, imaginary buildings act as a vessel for the soul.
The theme of "Home" comes from my longtime awareness of the plight of
refugees and the homeless, and my prayer for a safe,
nurturing place for every person to call home.

The "Sanctuary" series offers us a world to retreat to when we find the need
for an inspirational pick-me-up. Works in this series include
"Temple in the Woods", "Firefly Lullaby" and "My Lucky Stars".

Some of the works refer to historic events. "The Watchtower" and
"When the World Ends" have an underlying sentiment of gloom and doom beneath
the lively cartoon-like fašade, as they were painted in response to the threats of weapons
of mass destruction and the onset of the war in Iraq. "The Covenant of the Big Easy"
suggests a story of 'Noah's Ark in New Orleans', and pays homage to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Other works refer to my personal life. "An Ordinary Day" speaks of the joys of
motherhood, while "Things are a Bit Up in the Air" is a comment about the uncertainties
in the life of an artist.

Being an artist requires perseverance and courage. Making art is
the way that artists navigate through life; it is the way we process the world within us and the
world around us. Creating art
is a spiritual dance, a process of listening, a meditation, a discipline.
For myself, creating art and living with art are as necessary as breathing.






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Artist Statement

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