Jagua Tattoos Dallas

Jagua Tattoos are a safe temporary tattoo that is an alternative to Black Henna.

Real Henna is brown, not black.  Real henna has been around for 5,000 years and it is safe.
How do you tell the difference between real henna and 'black henna'?
Real henna turns orange on the skin the first day and then it takes about 3 days for the stain to get to a dark brown.
The black henna will turn a dark color immediately.

Why is 'black henna' dangerous?  It is toxic.  Not only can it permanently scar your skin, but it gets systemic
and can cause life long health problems.

Jagua will turn a light grey the first day and it also takes a few days to darken.
A few people have an allergic reaction to Jagua.  If you are allergic to pineapple, papaya or mango
you should not get a Jagua tattoo, but henna will be fine for you. 

Your tattoo will be bandaged to you so that you can keep the paste on for many hours.
When you take the paste of you will peel it off and then rinse the area under warm water for 20 seconds.
Put some cooking oil next to your shower and cover the tattoo with it every time you shower to
protect the area from the chlorine.  Do not use lotion or soap on the area.  When you get out of
the shower, let the tattoo.  Basically no water no lotion no rubbing for the life of the tattoo.

Like henna, Jagua gets darkest on the hands and feet than it does on the torso.